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How to favourite your favourite listings, buildings and cities on

By Condo Culture

Hope everyone had a good week. Our web team has been hard at work building the latest and greatest version of and today we’re going to be taking your through one of our most popular features - favouriting. Most of you are likely familiar with the concept of favouriting from other websites, even other real estate websites, but the unique thing about favourites on is you can also favourite buildings and cities in addition to the listings themselves. This allows you to identify cities you have the most interest in or buildings that you like the most and get notified as soon as new listings are added in addition to other updates. This not only helps you identify new opportunities quickly but also helps you track activity across parts of the market you’re most interested in. And when the market is changing as quickly as it has been, it’s this type of information advantage that can put you ahead of the pack in your property search. Check out the video below for a quick primer on how to favourite on to give yourself the information edge and as always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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